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We Put In The Work - So You Don't Have To!

All of our manufacturing processes take place in our factory – so whether its stone cutting or cabinetmaking, we do it all.

Our Factory
As part of our commitment to our customers we felt that it was best to do as much of the kitchen installation process ourselves, saving you logistical headaches and ultimately money. That is why we built the factory behind the showroom – so we can cut stone and wood and assemble cabinetry just the way you want it.

When you work with our design team on your proposal you will meet your project manager – once you’re happy to move to the production phase that same project manager watches your kitchen get made through his office window.

Other kitchen suppliers will send your plans to a third party manufacturer who has never met you and puts you in a queue of kitchens being sent all over the country, or even worse, will only be able to offer you mass produced, low-quality kitchen templates to choose from.
We prefer to keep things local, where we can customise to your needs and provide oversight and make sure we only deliver the best in quality products, to exactly what you wanted, to your home.

Hettich Approved Supplier

The cabinetry fixtures and fittings you can see in our showroom is designed by world leading German company Hettich. We build your cabinetry in-house based on your specifications, using their quality fittings to offer greater functionality and style choices than other, more basic types of cabinetry. Hettich have been responsible for much of the innovations you see in modern homes, such as silent-closing drawers, push-to-open handle-less cabinetry and hidden drawer-runners. On top of that, Hettich will put a lifetime guarantee on any Hettich hardware purchased through Pacific Kitchens.